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Perfect for promoting beard growth and applying Caribou beard oil products throughout.

Great Moisture

I discovered Caribou Beard company during a google search for Canadian beard products, To find out that this was being made local, I just had to try it.
I can say that I am please with the beard oil and I find that it has enough of a scent but not too strong for what is needed and does not leave your beard as an oily mess.

Nice Hold

I discovered Caribou Beard company during a google search for Canadian beard products, To find out that this was being made local, I just had to try it.
I can say that I am please with the balm and I find that it has enough of a hold for what is need and not to oily.

Can’t get enough of the evergreen!! Oil is fresh and feels so good in beard! If you’re on the fence about it… don’t be.

Great Oil!

Used for 2 days and my beard has never been so soft. Great scent as well. Love it already!

Amazing Product !

Great Ingredients great product overall

Another great oil

I bought this product along with Evergreen sense beard oil. I live the sense of tye Alpine. Easy to apply and made my beard soft for.whole day. I live in Alberta and can get dry here. The Caribou oils helped me.

One of a kind!

This beard oil hits different for me! Such a crisp natural fresh scent!! Leaves you feeling clean and masculine. The feel in beard is by far better than most companies who claim to have the best! Get this oil and the butter to match it. This in my opinion is what caribou beard co is all about. All natural fresh clean scents and healthy beards.

Holds up well !!

I always have a beard comb in my little pocket of my jeans. Through out the day I will comb my beard.. as we all should in my opinion… a lot of combs break and honestly just don’t hold up. This little fella does! Love this comb from the different wood grain look and carved logo.. Strong and durable too.

Brought my beard back to life!

Before using caribou products I used and tested many other companies products . Stuck with one company for awhile because of the new scent profiles being created. Would use the cowash and day after day my beard felt dry. Thankfully I found caribou. After one wash with this it basically restored my beard’s health!!! I use it maybe 3 times a week and my beard has never been as healthy and soft. A must have for a great beard.

Beard Oil - Dusk
Shawn Irwin
Now this is something special!!!!

Before I get into the scent of dusk… the feel in hands and beard is what got me hooked on Caribou! Dusk is a very deep masculine scent. Begins with patchouli then transforms itself into a peppery vanilla scent that blends perfectly!!

This scent is earthy with a nice vanilla twist. Finishing off with a pepper note. Amazing. But it’s not just the scent of the butter. It’s the ingredients in the butter. Caribous butter has saved my beard from poor butters before. Making my beard soft and healthy all day long and the same in the morning. Day in and day out!!

Haven’t cracked the balm or the oil yet, but I love the beard butter! Helps a lot with dry skin and doesn’t give me headaches from the scent. Would definitely recommend Caribou Beard!

Alpine breeze is a great outdoor scent. Last long in beard. But it’s the butter itself that makes it 5 stars. Makes your beard very healthy and soft.

Absorbs fast

Works good. Very rich so you don’t need as much as other butters. Absorbs into beard fast.

Wow…. Speechless. The color of this oil a preview of what’s to come. A nice viscosity. But the feel in beard is great. The scent is a nice natural one. Must have

This butter is something special. You can tell just how fresh and natural it is the moment you look at it. Melts well in your hands and feels great in beard. No greasy feel.

First time - in a long long time - growing out my beard. Caribou Beard Oil has tamed the beast. I will be sure I have a regular supply on hand.

Conditioning Beard Wash
Dan McLaughlin
Beard wash

First time trying products from Caribou Beard Co
The beard conditioning wash is great. My beard is clean and soft. The smell is fresh and not overbearing

Love it!

Healthy, great smelling oil. Feels great on the beard throughout the work day. Happy with my purchase.


I love the smell, texture and how it feels overall on my beard. Easily melts in your hands.

Amazing stuff

Great product definitely buy again!

Awesome products & great service

Beard Brush
Augustin Scimeca
Good product

Product works well but loses bristles like crazy

Beard Butter - Unscented
Augustin Scimeca
Decent enough

Decent enough product but the smell of the “unscented “ is absolutely awful, just raw cooking oil.